Intelletic Utilizes Leading-Edge AI
  • Intelletic’s algorithms use cortical learning – the most advanced branch of AI:
      • Model the functionality of the human neocortex
      • Learn continuously from any starting point
      • Predict new patterns that previously have not occurred in historical streaming data
      • Eliminate major Deep Machine Learning limitations requiring a training set that is large enough & representative enough of the data being predicted – while Cortical AI learns continuously in an unsupervised fashion
      • Adapt to the randomness (noise) that characterizes financial markets, which is problematic for conventional AI
Intelletic is Protected by a Proprietary Technology Moat
  • Intelletic is a world-leader in cortical learning AI focusing on financial market predictions
  • Intellectual property includes:
      • Data transformation & encoding to support cortical learning for any financial asset data stream
      • Fully developed & operating world-leading multi-level cortical learning algorithm that predicts future data stream values
  • Intelletic is one of only three worldwide commercial licensees of Numenta’s ( cortical learning theories, patents & intellectual property