Price Prediction is Important to Independent Traders
  • Price prediction is required to:
      • Maximize profit
      • Minimize risk
  • Price prediction needs to be:
      • Continuous
      • Accurate
      • Reliable
      • Trustworthy
      • Fully transparent
      • Compatible with every trader’s strategy & risk tolerance
Today Price Prediction is Inaccessible to Independent Traders
Intelletic Has the Only True Forward-Looking Price Prediction
Intelletic’s Price Prediction is Unique & Proprietary

Intelletic’s vision is to provide independent traders with the world’s first risk-defined Price Prediction Alerts (PPA) for crypto, futures, currencies & equities

Intelletic’s Price Prediction Alert (PPA) Screen
Active PPA in Context of a Historic BTC Price Chart

Context helps a trader to properly place the PPA’s within their own strategy & system

Understanding an Active Price Prediction Alert (PPA)

Infinite number of ways to use PPA’s within a trader’s own strategy & system

Perfect Time for Intelletic’s Price Prediction
  • Extreme volatility of late has increased traders’ interest in acquiring advantages via unique new information
  • Uncertain behaviour of financial markets makes a price prediction valuable & necessary
  • Erratic market performance is resulting in increasing investor attention to portfolios & investment performance
  • Accelerating adoption of AI technology among independent traders
  • Increasing numbers of independent traders as more work is virtual
  • Immune from Covid-19 “regime uncertainty” as financial services are adaptable to virtual operations
Intelletic's PPA to Offer Vast Asset Coverage
  • Coverage of seven asset classes will be initiated – new asset class added every two months 
  • 800+ PPA will be offered to cover individual assets belonging within the seven asset classes 
  • Subscriber flexibility to bundle individual asset PPA’s within classes will enable personalized subscription bundles
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