Welcome to Intelletic Corporation

Intelletic Corporation (IC) has developed a proprietary Artificial Intelligence based platform for autonomous and purely quantitative asset trading, designed to generate greater profit and incur less risk than any human discretionary trader.
  • The Company’s core cortical learning algorithm enables continuous learning without the need for training and validation datasets, eliminating the major drawback of deep machine learning approaches. An extensive 3-year back-test produced a 47.3% simple annual return from long-only trading of the S&P e-Mini future.
  • The Platform has been trading live (long) since July 1, 2018 and continues to verify operating metrics and returns consistent with the 3-year back-test. Live (short) trading tests commenced on September 16, 2018. Simultaneous long and short trading ensures that IC can profit from price trends in all directions.
  • IC currently has two funding initiatives underway for qualified investors, Intermediate Equity and Series A Venture funding. Please contact the company for further information on the Intermediate Equity opportunity or access to the Series A Private Placement Memorandum.